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HVAC  Repair

Even the best Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning systems can breakdown, usually timed at the hottest, most humid part of the summer. Also the Coldest of days in the winter. If this happens to you, contact us for a speedy repair and continued, reliable service. 

Service Pricing

All service call outs start at $65 within 30 Miles. Fees vary for calls over 30 miles. 

Hourly rate For Service Call Outs           $75 an Hour 

Installations                                                $65 an Hour Per Tech. 

Maintenance                                                Cost included in Contract.

Commercial Rates                                       $85 per Hour per Tech


Your heating and cooling equipment accounts for approximately half of your household energy costs throughout the year. The heavy activity of your system also leads to a lot of wear and tear. This makes it important to have your equipment inspected regularly so that fine-tuning can take place. HVAC maintenance plans are excellent for addressing these needs through pre-scheduled service.

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What Is a Maintenance Plan?

It’s easy to forget about annual service of your heating or cooling equipment. Seasonal heating or cooling activity can creep up unexpectedly, and it’s easy to dismiss the need for system services. However, you may want to consider the fact that missing your pre-season tune-up actually robs you of important system benefits, including:

  • Improved energy efficiency levels
  • Lower utility costs
  • Better home comfort control
  • Stronger circulation of air
  • Early identification of worn or broken parts
  • Reduction in seasonal repair needs
  • Extension of system life
  • Access to the latest information about trends in HVAC technology
  • Assistance in planning for the eventual replacement of system components
  • Help with home performance and indoor air quality questions
  • Savings on repairs, equipment and additional services

AC and Heat Pump Maintenance

Service of your cooling equipment should be handled in the spring so that you are ready for the hot, humid summer months. Your AC or heat pump will manage your home’s humidity levels in addition to cooling your indoor environment. Failure to service your system could leave you dealing with sweltering conditions, but programmed HVAC maintenance plans ensure that you will be contacted so that the need doesn’t slip your mind.

Coil cleaning and refrigerant recharging are two of the most important steps in fine-tuning your cooling equipment, each providing potential savings of up to 20 percent on your cooling costs. Dirty coils inhibit the transfer of heat between your indoor air supply and your refrigerant supply, making it tough to achieve comfortable conditions in your home. Cleaning the coils results in a cold stream of air flowing at excellent strength through your ducts. Low refrigerant levels can lead to stress on your compressor, shortening the life of your system. Planned maintenance can save you huge headaches and expenses. Your heat pump should be checked again prior to the winter heating season so that problems can be corrected.

Furnace Maintenance Plans

Having a tune-up before your furnace is placed in operation for the heating season is an investment in your family’s safety. The second greatest cause of house fires is home heating, and compromised equipment can place your family at risk. Additionally, cleaning and inspecting your equipment allows your technician to pinpoint problems that could lead to excessive carbon monoxide in your home.

Pricing and Maintenance Agreements.

Did you know that heating and cooling your home accounts for nearly half of your annual residential fuel use? One of the best ways to offset this and become more energy efficient is to properly maintain your equipment. To do this, we highly recommend biannual tune-ups – once in the fall for your furnace and once in the spring for your air conditioner – to ensure that your system operates correctly and efficiently.

Greathouse Mechanical LLC offers complete heating, ventilation and air conditioning services including air conditioning maintenance and repair, system design, new installation, and upgrading existing systems. Our service area spans a 40 mile Radius around Mount Vernon IL.

Heating and Air Conditioning Tune-Ups and Maintenance Agreements

Regular maintenance results in fewer breakdowns and prolongs the life of a system. Service agreements provide a number of benefits at a set price, giving you peace of mind and a well-running system.

We offer two types of maintenance agreements with graduated pricing to meet your needs. Our agreements provide two tune-ups a year that include at minimum:

Air Conditioning and Heating

  • Complete and provide a Pre and Post Work Report. Using our System Analyzer.
  • New standard filter – a filter upgrade is available, ask your technician for the cost difference;
  • Clean condenser;
  • Inspect wiring and electrical connections;
  • Clean fans;
  • Oil all moving parts;
  • Clean housing and inspect for deterioration;
  • Inspect grilles and registers;
  • Clean drains and tubing.
  • Inspect the unit and its wiring;
  • Clean and lubricate all unit components as needed;
  • Check the fuel line and fuel levels;
  • Test the pilot light;
  • Clean all portions of the fuel line and pilot light mechanism;
  • Calibrate the unit so that it provides reliable, efficient service;
  • Identify any potential mechanical issues or repair needs; 

One Star Agreement includes one seasonal tune-up as described above.

The Two Star Agreement includes two seasonal tune-ups as described above, priority customer rating, and a 15% discount on repair service.

Our Three Star Agreement includes the two seasonal tune-ups described above, priority customer rating, and all repairs necessary during the year with the exception of compressor, heat exchangers, condenser, evaporator coils, and duct work. Repairs on equipment older than 15 years will be billed at the regular rate, less a 15% discount. (R-22 not included in the Agreement)

Annual pricing is based on the type of agreement and the number of systems serviced.

Pricing comparison for the Two and Three Star maintenance agreements:

                                     One Star                   Two Star                      Three Star

One System                     $80                           $150                           $225

Two Systems                  $150                          $230                            $340

Three Systems               $230                           $290                            $460

Four Systems                 $290                          $320                            $520

Please note: replacement of heat exchangers, compressors, condensers, evaporator coils, duct work and sheet metal are not covered by either maintenance agreement.

Find a Plan that Fits Your Needs

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Air Conditioning Installation

If you’re considering buying a new system, remember that choosing professional installation is an absolute must. Your technician will make certain that the unit is installed to factory specifications and will calibrate it for optimal performance. We install central, ductless, mini-split, and heat pump-driven cooling systems.

Heating Installation

In order to get the most out of a new heating system, you’ll need to weigh several different factors and decide what unit best meets your needs. Greathouse Mechanical LLC. is ready to guide you through this process and to arrange for professional installation. Remember, having your heating system professionally installed will ensure that the unit is working at its top capacity. We provide installation services for central heating systems, ductless heating systems, gas furnaces heat pumps.


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